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Privacy statement

Privacy statement

AVG (General Data Protection Regulation)

Company details Verhuurcentrum Breskens

Verhuurcentrum Breskens (VCB), part of VOF Keijmel -en van Gent, located at Boulevard 8, 4511AC in Breskens, the Netherlands, represented for the purposes hereof by Mr. Ph.A. Keijmel, J.G.G. Keijmel -van Gent and V.F. Keijmel as owners. Rental Centre Breskens is represented for the purposes of handling the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) by Mr. V.F. Keijmel as voluntarily appointed Data Protection Officer (FG).

Lead regulator

VCB is based in the Netherlands, making the lead supervisor the Personal Data Authority (AP)

The purpose of data capture by Verhuurcentrum Breskens

VCB mediates in the rental of private holiday homes between the owner (the landlord) on the one hand and the guest (tenant) on the other hand. Personal data of both the owner and the guest are required for the rental to be established. For maintenance of houses and maintenance of our systems, we work with various partners (third parties).

Which data are collected by Verhuurcentrum Breskens

The following data are necessary for a booking:

    First and last name
    Date of birth
    Address details
    Telephone number
    E-mail address
    Bank details

In addition, we may ask for additional details depending on the booking such as:

 Age of the co-traveller, this may be important if one needs a cot or high chair, or to check if we are dealing with groups of young people.

In exceptional cases, there may be situations where we do not process and store personal data.

Besides the data needed for bookings, we also keep data, from and for owners in our system that are needed for the management of properties such as third-party assignments and the handling of complaints. These may also include documents and images from tenants, landlords or third parties.

To whom the data may be passed on by Verhuurcentrum Breskens

We do not pass on the tenant's data to the lessor or third parties. We do not pass on the lessor's data to the lessee or third parties. We also do not pass on the data of third parties to the tenant or landlord. Our ICT partners have the possibility to access our system but are bound by the same AVG/GDPR legislation to keep this data confidential. Only by order of a judicial institution or a body authorised by law or a government agency may data be shared. Should this happen, the people to whom this data belongs are notified so that they are given the opportunity to intervene in this and possibly prevent the disclosure.

How long the data are kept by Verhuurcentrum Breskens

The tax authorities require the data held by VCB to be kept for a period of 10 years.

Cookies and the reason for their use (when cookies are used) by Verhuurcentrum Breskens

Cookies are used by us to remember user preferences and make the site workable for online bookings. In addition, cookies are used to monitor the number of visitors to the site for quality purposes.

The applied security of the recorded personal data by Verhuurcentrum Breskens

The personal data are stored on a secure server and database. The mail server and booking server operate independently of each other.

The right to inspect, correct, delete and take away one's own data (data portability)

Tenants, landlords or third parties can access and correct their own data at any time. Deletion of data is only possible in the field of marketing and promotion. In connection with legislation, data are kept for up to 10 years. As we work with a closed system, data portability is not possible, our systems do not provide the possibility of exporting data to an "open" file format.

Right to withdraw granted consent

You can withdraw the consent granted to use your data at any time, we will then no longer use your data, with the exception of settling pending cases.

Right to lodge a complaint

You can always submit complaints to the Data Protection Officer (FG) at or in writing to Verhuurcentrum Breskens, Boulevard 8, 4511AC Breskens, the Netherlands.